Interview: Remastering Resident Evil, with Capcom’s Yoshiaki Hirabayashi

This was a nice read.

I get kicked out of lobbies without having fought a single battle. I wonder why they leave “EVERYONE WELCOME” (Or something similar, depending on the language) as the lobbies’ name. Brats, brats everywhere.

… Business resumes as usual.

It’s funny how Player Matches are the only source of competition on TEKKEN; one would expect folks to fight better in matches which affect Rank, but no, Ranked Matches are usually flooded by folks relying on the same few gimmicks.

Oh, well, reached Yaksa Rank again… Guess I can stop bothering with that crap for a while.

On another note: S-Ranked Devil May Cry 4, looks like Vergilex is still worthy of his ID. Challenge won, Eddy, pay up.

11 Aug 14
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Humorous Movie Marquee Mash-Ups

Well, what do you know? The Resident Evil REmake [originally available only on Nintendo GameCube] is getting ported on current+next-generation platforms.

And damn, I’m stupidly conflicted about it: part of me is somewhat “meh” about it, thanks to a combination of the thing being a remaster [I dislike the HD ports’ practice, seems a lazy way to get cash]… And already owning the original. The other side would like to do something which hopefully shows CAPCOM that the experience offered by the REmake is the kind of stuff part of the fandom wants in a RE.

To buy, or not to buy.

One thing seems sure, at least: when 2015 comes, we’ll be getting a Survival Horror, from CAPCOM, nonetheless (ugh, feels weird and sad to write it).

04 Aug 14
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Unless I’m turning even more blind, the Devil May Cry 4 official game guide [made by PRIMA] doesn’t list a Combat Adjudicator for Dante in Mission 12, reached by taking a small detour right before leaving the Order H.Q. Main Hall; plus, it neglects to mention a second Blue Orb Fragment reachable in the Second Mining Area [opposite the “path-entrance” right after the first set of Grim Grips], in Mission(s) 03/16.

Never thought I’d say this, but luckily Nero has that right arm. :lol:
Damn, I’ve become really rusty with the 4th chapter.

Restarted Devil May Cry 4 from scratch… It turned out to be better than I remember, either that… Or the Reboot made me re-evaluate a few things. The secret missions sure are annoying, though.

I’ve just received again the “sec_error_ocsp_invalid_signing_cert” error message in Firefox (v31.0)… And I’m positive the issue is within the Browser. For one, the websites I’m having problems reaching with Firefox, in this very moment, work in Internet Explorer. Secondly if I set the ocsp_stapling parameter to “false”; in FF’s about:config page, the websites load correctly.


I was cleaning a bit… Found this buried under lots of books and video game-cases.

I’ve fond memories of this game, though it was hard not to laugh whenever the characters “fell” to the ground.

Kaldea Orchid [The Bouncer]