I’ve just received again the “sec_error_ocsp_invalid_signing_cert” error message in Firefox (v31.0)… And I’m positive the issue is within the Browser. For one, the websites I’m having problems reaching with Firefox, in this very moment, work in Internet Explorer. Secondly if I set the ocsp_stapling parameter to “false”; in FF’s about:config page, the websites load correctly.


I was cleaning a bit… Found this buried under lots of books and video game-cases.

I’ve fond memories of this game, though it was hard not to laugh whenever the characters “fell” to the ground.

Kaldea Orchid [The Bouncer]


What a great summer: currently 12:14 am of July 14th, here in Italy…… Where I live, we’ve been “enjoying” storms and rainy days since June. Heh, I’m almost dreading what might happen in winter.

I’ve almost zero tolerance for folks which send me blank friend request(s) on PlayStation Network.

- For one, when it comes to random people I play with online… My memory isn’t that great; really, I don’t pay that much attention: our ‘paths’ might have even crossed multiple times, but again, why should I bother adding ‘you’? I mean, okay, we may be playing the same game(s) often, but to me you’ would still be another random guy/lady.

- Secondly, though I do post my PSN ID publicly on a few online communities (even here, if memory serves me right), it would be nice of you to tell me something along the lines of: “I’m Mr./Miss X, from community Y. Found your ID on there… Blah blah, let’s have naughty sex one of these days, blah”. I might not go: “Who the heck are you?”/”What do you want?”.

51200 Battle Points for the “Omnislash” Limit Break in CD #1, in the Battle Square… Not that hard to earn when you have 470 GP [Gotta love that ‘Super Dunk!’ mini-game].

Managed to get it in just 5 “series” of battles (a total of 51700 points, got lucky with the ‘All Materia broken’ handicap)… Well, technically the runs-attempts were 8, but a mixture of handicaps and that dragon from Nibelheim screwed me over in the last match.

I guess we’ll wrap up CD #1 at LV 65. But first, let’s get another Limit Break.

210 BP should be enough.

The wait for G-Bike is killing me.

Meh… I certainly don’t get much done these days.