First day, first bug/glitch, I think: been advancing a bit with “The Evil Within”… Chased by a guy with a chainsaw, I enter the other room… His chainsaw goes straight through-the-wall, managing to kill me.

Okayy…. Heh. RE4’s gameplay… A fucking shooter, there is a shortage of those, after all.

Mikami, it seems you don’t know by which rules a Survival Horror game has to abide, any more. Well, you DID make Resident Evil 4, so that’s not too surprising.

A return to form for Survival Horror, my ass.

Bought “The Evil Within,” if I wanted a bad RE4 clone, I’d have stuck to RE5 & 6. Definitively not a Survival Horror, another fail, Mikami.

How lucky can one get?

So… I *am* a “Yaksa [26 Dan]” Jin Kazama player, with 30 Stars. I fire up Ranked matches and get paired against an obviously hacked Law Raijin [25 Dan] player, but first:

My search ‘setup’ (forgive me, if the terms don’t coincide precisely with the official ones, I’m Italian… What I’m offering here is a rough translation of the Italian text):



VOCAL CHAT: no restrictions

My stats:

2210 Wins

Level - 73 [4 stat. points awarded*level = maximum legit amount of 292 points]




Opponent’s stats:

5734 Wins

Level - 75 [Current level-limit]

POWER: 63535


VIGOR: 63535

Now, despite my 13 Win-streak against Fujin, Raijin and fellow Yaksa folks, from the previous day (all of which, may I add, should have given me some kind of *hidden* ‘points’ preventing me from getting a Demotion match any time soon)… Yeah, you guessed right: the fight with the guy above was a Demotion match.

Oh, well… Raijin, not that troubling, I already became Yaksa 4 times, between stats/no stats accounts… Let me try another match, I’ll reach the top soon enough.

2nd Fight - Got that hacker again.

3rd Fight - … And again.

4th Fight - … And again!

5th Fight - Yeah, that player again. I was ready to rape/murder that fucker. Oh, cherry on top: another Demotion match.
5 fights against the same, goddamn, player. Fuck me with a chainsaw! On second thought, fuck him/her. Now I’m a goddamn Fujin [24 Dan], I know that some of you will rightfully consider me childish, but really, I wouldn’t get this pissed if I lost the ranks in fair fights.

May your PlayStation 3(s) die, hackers… Along with your “source of income,” so that you don’t get to mess with others, any more.

As for me, I’ll return to TEKKEN 6. On that I’ve a crappy 4th Dan rank, but I have to thank only a combination of crappy netcode and terrible input-lag for the PS3 version. I don’t know if the situation on TAG Tournament 2 is better, as far as netcode goes, I’ve yet to buy it.

[Artwork] BLOODY ROAR 3 - Long

[Artwork] BLOODY ROAR 3 - Bakuryu

[Artwork] BLOODY ROAR 3 - Shina/Marvel

[Artwork] BLOODY ROAR 3 - Jenny

[Artwork] BLOODY ROAR 3 - Gado

[Artwork] BLOODY ROAR 3 - Alice

[Artwork] BLOODY ROAR 3 - General Intro/Yugo